Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs

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Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs

This course is built around practical exercises that lead up to the creation or improvement of an action plan from which you can launch and scale your own social venture. This is an opportunity to bolster your knowledge, build your network, and increase your impact. The course is available online 24/7 to fit around your schedule.


University of Florida Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Initiative is launching a distance learning course on social entrepreneurship, ENT4934 "Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs," endorsed by and created in partnership with Ashoka's Youth Venture, through which students interested in answering this call can earn two credits from UF, which are transferable to other colleges and universities.

This course is an experiential process for guiding students towards launching a Venture that addresses an social, environmental, or economic problem you want to solve. This course is constructed to facilitate a process of inquisitive dialogue - one that is driven and shaped by the opinions, ideas, passions, and contributions of its participants. It is through dialogue, creativity, and engagement - as individuals, in small groups, and a class altogether- that we encourage students to learn, explore, develop and prepare to launch your own ventures.

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Course Information

Course Title: ENT4934 "Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs"

Within all of the tools and activities contained within this course lies an essential clarity of purpose – to support and guide you as you prepare and then launch a Venture. With this intentionality, we developed activities that are sequenced to complement and build on each other, eliciting increasingly complex and nuanced modes of thinking and analysis. As you engage in this process you will be encouraged to think about and reflect on who you are, and on your relationships with others; to listen to the perspectives of your peers, and to understand the value of engaging with individuals who may hold different or competing opinions; to think creatively; to problem-solve; and to work together to construct and then answer your own questions.

Learning Outcomes

Students that successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Understand what is - balancing positive and negative attributes of the world in which you live.
  • Imagine what could be - understanding and identifying with the change you will initiate.
  • Create what will be - translating what you want to see into what you will do.


The tuition for this course is $550.00


Summer 2015 Registration

Look for Fall 2015 registration coming soon.


If you are interested in registering for this course in order to pursue a social change project related to health, you might be eligible for a scholarship. Head over to the 'Making More Health' Campaign at for more information and to apply.