Disability Accommodations

Academic accommodations are available to all distance learning students, including students enrolled in online degree programs, online certificate programs and non-degree seeking courses.

If you are a student in a distance learning course or program, please complete the following steps to register with the Disability Resource Center.

How to Register with the Disability Resource Center: 

  1. In order to request academic accommodations, students must provide documentation and schedule an intake appointment. Since some accommodations require significant pre-planning, students are advised to being the intake process well in advance of the start of their first academic semester. 
  2. Contact the Disability Resource Center at 352-392-8565 or by email at accessuf@dso.ufl.edu to schedule an intake appointment. If you are a distance student who is unable to meet with a DRC staff in Gainesville and who will not be in attendance on campus, please let the receptionist know that the appointment will need to be a phone intake appointment.
  3. Please ensure the following documents are provided to the Disability Resource Center in advance of your intake appointment. If disability documentation is not received by the time of your appointment, the appointment will be re-scheduled.
  • Disability documentation: Documentation from a qualified physician or other licensed professional in a field related to your disability is required. Documentation guidelines are located at the bottom of the following DRC webpage.
  • Identification verification: A scanned copy of your driver's license, UFID, or official photo identification card is required.
  • Intake and Informed Consent form: Please complete the Intake and Informed Consent form and email it to accessuf@dso.ufl.edu

During the intake appointment, be prepared to discuss the impact of your disability on academics, your history of accommodations, and your potential accommodation needs. 

After your intake appointment and at the beginning of each successive semester:

  1. Request your accommodation letters online and fill out the online form.
  2. Contact the DRC at 352-392-8565 the following day to request that your accommodation letters be scanned and e-mailed to you.
  3. Send your accommodation letters to your instructors via e-mail. You may want to consider sending your e-mail ‘Read/Receipt’ so that you know the
    e-mail has been received. In the body of the e-mail introduce yourself and indicate that you would like to determine the best method (e.g. phone call,
    e-mail) to review your accommodation letter and discuss your specific accommodation needs with him/her.
  4. Contact the DRC if you have any questions or concerns regarding the implementation of your accommodations.